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The world rarely operates at the extremes. Few issues, few decisions and few of life's complexities are black or white.

It is the gray areas that dominate the decisions that are made in the workplace, in the home, in communities and across borders. Good leaders understand the burdens and frustrations, as well as the potential and beauty, of gray.

The gray is defined by nuance. It is an area that must be navigated with care and understanding. The gray requires respect and tact, and select leaders will develop the ability to better delve into life’s gray areas through fully informed and respectful discourse, which often results in sound action. Through the Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA), our students gain the confidence necessary for making decisions in a gray world.

As part of the program, select students will develop leadership fundamentals to thrive in an environment in which multiple dimensions of an issue are explored, diverse viewpoints are welcomed and heard and a fully informed and respectful discourse ensues that leads to sound action.

The curricular and extracurricular opportunities available through the Academy will lead to further development of critical thinking abilities necessary for leaders to implement decisions with sensitivity to the circumstances that led them there and the ability to rethink decisions and even change course along the way, if that is in the best interest of employers, shareholders, clients, families, organization, or communities.