Truth & Reconcilition

  • Date 10/20/16
  • Time 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Location Attic Room of the State Theatre
Untold incidents of horrific violence and terror against African Americans characterized the Civil Rights Movement. While scholars have correctly focused on the heroic “local people” who formed the backbone of the southern struggle, this presentation looks at the invisible, unprosecuted, unremembered stories of people who remained in small towns where the traumas of the civil rights years remain buried in the lives and communities of those who risked everything to challenge white supremacy. The violent 1966 freedom movement and desegregation of the public schools in Grenada, Mississippi represented one of the most violent episodes in the Civil Rights Movement. Oral histories with participants who were children and young people at the time, provide some understanding of the legacies of violence and terror in one community and among families and individuals.

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Cost: Free