Becoming a Leader

  • Date 9/26/16
  • Time 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Location Grandfather Clock Lounge, Atherton Hall
Interactive discussion with Dr. Ken Graham, leadership development consultant and industry leader in leadership. How do you become a leader? How to you learn to make ethically sound decisions? These are skills that many of the brightest and best professionals must learn—they don’t always come naturally. Dr. Ken Graham, a Penn State alumnus three times over and former professor in the Smeal College of Business’s Executive Programs, teaches these skills to industry experts. Brilliant minds may become managers and supervisors because of their top-caliber performance but often they need training to become effective leaders. Give yourself a jump start. Dr. Graham will present his framework for teaching these skills, but focus most of his time on answering questions from you, our future leaders. Dr. Graham’s consulting particularly focuses on helping leaders from other cultures be effective in the Western business setting, and helping technically-minded clients—engineers, scientists— how to lead effectively. But, no matter your background, Dr. Graham would love to teach you, too. Refreshments will be served

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Cost: Free